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In or Out of House Slippers?

Sometimes people ask us if Kilims loafers are supposed to be house slippers or if they can be worn outside. It's entirely up to you. Below is a bit of context so that you can decide where to take, or not, your kilim shoes.
Kilim shoes resemble the shape of a pair of men's evening slippers, which were very popular in 1840's. They were made from rich fabrics, such as velvet, for men wanting to look elegant and smart inside but still felt the need to have warm and comfortable feet. Prince Albert popularized them and they were a big trend in dinner parties and other indoor events. Also, Victorian ladies started to embroider slippers for fathers and husbands to show their needlepoint skills. Those were the days when streets were mostly unpaved and men wore mainly boots as street wear. Today we can perfectly wear loafers outside without danger of spoiling them unless you are hiking or its raining cats and dogs. And since people don't host dinner parties as much as they used to in the Victorian days, it can be a shame to leave your kilim slippers home.
You can also take your slippers to a cobbler to insert a rubber sole for extra protection if you are wearing them outside.


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