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Our Tapestry Loafers


tapestry slippers kilims by the makers

Our love for unique fabrics and diverse cultures, together with our eclectic taste in fashion and interior design, round up into a series of limited edition collectible slippers. The shoes are made from some of the most exquisite vintage and end-of-roll fabrics that we have been gathering during years from around the world.

Shoes are hand-made with great care and utmost attention to detail and quality in a small town with a long time shoe-making tradition near Porto, Portugal. We make no more than ten pairs out of the same fabric because we try to use vintage or end-of-rolls from fabric markets and warehouses, making every slipper very special and unique.

We will be regularly listing new styles and limited edition collections. Wear them in an effortless style with your favorite jeans or tailor pants. Our slippers will take you elegantly and comfortably from day to night. We hope you love them!