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I've probably told the story one thousand times, how I fell in love with kilim slippers when I first saw them in the magical Grand Bazaar in Istanbul. The idea of repurposing damaged, but still ancient and precious, handmade kilim rugs into cushions, bags, and kilim shoes felt refreshing; especially in a world where it seems that we don't hold anything dear anymore! So I bought 20 pairs of kilim loafers, placed them carefully in a trunk and listed them on Etsy. This was five years ago. Since then, many more trunks and shipments have come and gone. Two years ago, wanting to modernize the traditional kilim slipper, I updated the shape and upgraded the quality; we have been happily selling the new style of kilim shoes ever since. The very few pairs in the original shape that we have left are once more listed in our store and are now on SALE, at an unbeatable price, until the end of stock. You would have to fly to Turkey (and bargain!) to find our SALE price in the Grand Bazaar!
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  • Women's Kilim Slippers size 37 (US size 7)
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